B. Eng. Mechanical Engineering (GER)

at Technical University of Applied Sciences Würzburg Schweinfurt

Short Description:

Mechanical engineers with a broad fundamental knowledge are needed in almost all areas of industry and in the public service. Students acquire this extensive knowledge that opens a multitude of professional opportunities by an intensive training in basic subjects up to the third semester and targeted specialisation during the 4th and 5th semester in the fields of applied materials and production engineering, digital engineering,  energy and environmental engineering, automotive systems, automotive engineering, constructive mechanical engineering, mechatronics, lightweight engineering, simulation, and manufacturing engineering. State-of-the-art computer technology as well as economic and ecological aspects are taken into account and integrated into the studies. The general development of the students’ personality (soft skills) is encouraged, especially by projects. The practical semester is bridging the gap between theory and practice.  Modern, generously equipped laboratories and collaboration with industry make it possible to offer up-to-date studies that are geared to real-world challenges.

Conditional Offer Letter:

for winter semester

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