Application Procedure

Step-by-step breakdown of the BIC application process

Applying for BIC Preparation Program is easy! All it takes are the few steps described below.

Before applying have a look at the different program options at BIC.

Quick guide

1. Choose your program
2. Apply with us
  • Fill in online application form and upload your documents.
  • Pay application fee of 174€.
3. Wait for assessment
  • BIC will assess your documents via uni-assist
  • When confirmed, university will create conditional offer letter for you
4. Accept your study offer
  • BIC will send your admission documents for BIC program and conditional offer letter from university.
  • You need to confirm, sign contracts and pay first installment.
5. Apply for your visa
6. Travel to Berlin

1. Choose your program

Choose your university study degree, the corresponding university, and a matching BIC program.

  • We recommend using our search tool.
  • You may also browse through our departments/fields of study.
  • If you need help with these steps we will be happy to assist you.

2. Apply with us

  • Gather the necessary documents (see also Requirements for your chosen program) and make digital scans of them.
    Please make sure they are well readable.
  • Start your online application
    • Fill in your personal data.
    • Upload your virtual documents.
    • Pay the application fee of 174€.
    • You speed up the process by uploading all required documents in the portal and finishing your application right away.

Account Holder: BIC Berlin International College GmbH

Reference: Application fee for ____________ (insert your application ID and name)
IBAN: DE16480700240377032800
Bank: Deutsche Bank AG
Branch address: Stohlmannplatz 2, 33330 Gütersloh
Branch code: 330

If you have already started an application using the online application system, you can use the login details sent to you via e-mail to continue your application.

3. Wait for assessment

Your application will be processed by BIC trough several instances.

  • Uni-assist will test your general university admission.
  • Thereafter, the partner university will assess your admission with them.

This process takes around 6-12 weeks; it may take less time or longer depending on the completeness of your application and/or peak times at uni-assist. You will receive an e-mail from us once a result is available. Please check your e-mail and spam folder regularly.

There is no additional acceptance examination!

4. Accept your study offer

  • You will receive a package offer, which includes
    • Your BIC Acceptance Letter
    • Your conditional offer letter from your chosen university
  • Next, you will need to accept your study offer by
    • Signing your contract and
    • Paying the first installment of your tuition fees

5. Apply for your visa

  • We will send you information on how to apply at your local German embassy.
  • Please read all of the information, as well as the information provided on the German embassy's website.
  • Gather all of your necessary documents for your visa application.
  • Make a visa appointment with your local German embassy.
  • You will need to apply for a national visa, type study preparation or study visa (depending which your local German embassy offers).

6. Travel to Berlin

  • Once you provide the German embassy with proof of insurance for Germany you may receive your passport including your visa.
  • Arrange housing for your stay in Berlin, Germany.
  • Organize your travel. Please check with us if you are uncertain about the arrival date, or any other detail. Pick up by public transport is available during regular office hours.