Welcome to BIC - Berlin International College

Your entry to University

We are…
  • a Studienkolleg, which offers preparation programs for international Bachelor and Master degree applicants.
  • located in the heart of Berlin, Germany.
We provide you with…
  • Studienkolleg courses in respective subjects:
    • The subjects depend on your chosen degree program.
    • For example: students in Engineering have classes in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Chemistry.
  • German language courses, if your university studies will be in German.
  • a guaranteed study spot at one of our partner universities in Germany.
What's so great about us?
  • Full-service experience from start to finish
  • Prior German language knowledge is not necessary*
  • No entry exam for Studienkolleg courses
  • Best learning experience in small groups
  • Intensive support from our staff and teachers

We welcome all students from all countries, cultures, and ethnicities. We consider ourselves very lucky to have such amazing students, teachers and a great team of employees. We hope you will join BIC soon.


* Please see your country's German embassy website for more details; may vary from country to country