B. Eng. Civil Engineering (GER)

at Technical University of Applied Sciences Würzburg Schweinfurt

Short Description:

Students of this programme become application-oriented civil engineers; they are trained to solve the varied tasks in the field of construction within society and the environment by their theoretical and practical abilities independently and autonomously. The degree programme is geared to the expectations and needs of the labour market. Its objective is to qualify excellently trained graduates for work in planning offices, construction companies, and public administration. Therefore, students are taught on the basis of applied science to get a professionally grounded qualification to be able to independently fulfil the full scope of tasks of the building industry. Students learn to work solution-oriented and interdisciplinary. Ability for teamwork is promoted. Additionally, students are trained to work actively on questions related to an increasing globalisation.

Conditional Offer Letter:

for winter semester

Language of Instruction at University: