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Nos comunicamos constantemente y a través de mucho más que palabras. Las ciencias de la comunicación examinan las diversas formas y medios de comunicación y sus efectos.
How does one optimise communication?
Degree programmes offered after a BIC Preparation Program
Degree contents

(Non-)verbal, in person or through other mediums: There are many forms of communication and all of them differ in the effect they have. They can also vary in how they impact upon different groups of people or under changed circumstances. The field of communication sciences researches the effect of all means of communication and how one can practically apply the findings. To enable this type of analysis, all communication science studies contain foundational theory courses on communication models and scientific approaches and on methods for communication analysis. Another elemental part of studying communication sciences are internships and other practical experiences, which introduce students to the different fields of work that they could enter into, e.g. marketing or journalism.

Possible areas of work and further study opportunities

Due to the completely new exchange opportunities that were created by the internet and the rise of digital networking platforms, there are permanently new possibilities for areas upon which studies can be focused and in which one can launch a career. Examples for this are courses about online journalism and marketing departments that concentrate on using blogs and platforms like Facebook to support advertisement campaigns.

Career chances

Irrespective of the later focus of a degree programme, the later career choices of communication science graduates are often determined through these practical aspects of their degrees. Typical areas of work are with media businesses, to which publishing companies or broadcasting stations belong, as well as occupations that involve any form of publicity work.

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