Do I also have to apply to German universities?

No, if you are accepted into a BIC Preparation Program, you are also given a conditional offer by one of the BIC Partner Universities. Thus, you do not need to apply for a university place after BIC and can go right on to study the degree programme of your choice.

How do I apply for a BIC Preparation Program?

The application process only takes a few steps.

In order to apply for a BIC Preparation Program, you


  1.     Choose the degree level you want to attain (Bachelor or Master),
  2.     Select the university degree programme you would like to study and
  3.     Decide between the available languages of instruction (German or English).


You can apply easily online. A BIC student advisor will get in touch with you to provide you with further information about the program you have selected and the necessary requirements for entry should you require it.