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Vivir en Alemania

Castillos, el Bosque Negro, la vida nocturna de Berlín, la ingeniería y la educación superior: Alemania no solo es un destino popular, sino también un excelente lugar para estudiar con muchos beneficios.

German culture

Germany and its culture possess two faces. One portraits the long history of the country; the other is the modern face of one of the world’s most successful economies. In both faces you can find traces left by immigrants from other cultural areas. Traditions as well as, of course, eating habits were influenced by them. Aspects that drew the immigrants to Germany in the past - and continue to do so in the present – were the excellent education and research system, which has contributed for centuries to Germany’s strong economy and its fame as place of origin of poets, philosophers and important technologies. The interaction of all these characteristics and how they form that which is typically German can be experienced best in Berlin.

German language

The Latin roots of the German language are still very noticeable today. Many words and grammatical rules can be traced back to Latin. The grammar contains very few exceptions, wherefore most find that, in comparison to other languages, learning German is easy.