Language instruction

Die Sprachkurse am BIC im Detail

German Courses

The language is probably the biggest challenge of studying in Germany. As with any language, fluency takes time. To make it as easy as possible, BIC language courses are catered specifically to the lingual needs of international students in technical degrees.

International students who can speak German are more likely to succeed at German universities, regardless of the language of instruction. They also have an easier time getting around and enjoy student life more. Perhaps most importantly, it will also be easier to find internships during your degree and/or a job afterwards.

Because BIC is located in Berlin, you will also be in contact with German in your everyday life. Hereby, you learn faster than you would, if you were taking the language course in your home country. You won't only be practicing within the classroom, but in doing anything from grocery shopping to getting a haircut. This greatly accelerates the rate of learning. By combining formal (lessons) and informal (everyday life) learning, BIC offers an ideal learning environment.

What Language Level is Required?

Most German higher education institutions require proof of language ability of at least C1 before you are allowed to enroll in a technical degrees. All BIC Preparation Programs are designed around the goal of reaching at least C1, which will allow you to study successfully at a German university.

You don't need any previous language skills to apply to BIC, but the more you learn in advance, the shorter and cheaper the BIC Preparation Program will be for you. At least basic knowledge of will also increase the chances that you receive a student visa from the German embassy in your country. Also note that a few German embassies do require a certain level of German ability before you can apply for a student visa, regardless of the intended degree's language of instruction.

The German language courses of the Preparation Programs enables you to take the official DSH exam, which is recognized by all German universities. The intensive courses will be taught in small groups enabling indivualized teaching.

Course Structure

German courses at BIC are based on the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR). As part of the BIC Preparation Program, BIC students from all over the world are brought to the level that allows them to study successfully at a German University.

Instruction is 30 classroom hours per week, and each course is 4 weeks long (8 weeks per CEFR language level) for a total of 240 classroom hours per CEFR language level. Some students will learn more quickly than this, and others slower. Each week will end with a placement test so that you always know exactly where you stand.

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