BIC Studienkolleg

The FSP Preparation Programs at BIC in detail

You come from a country outside of the European Union? You are fresh out of school and want to study in Germany? Sadly, this is not easily possible. German law requires of most new students to have already studied for one or two years in their home country (for details, see Anabin, the official database of recognized foreign qualifications). But the BIC Berlin International College has a solution for this.

The BIC Studienkolleg takes 6-7 months and is part of the PPS Preparation Programs and prepares you for your undergraduate studies in a Bachelor's degree in Germany and closes with final examinations / Feststellungsprüfung (FSP). After taking these examinations, you can study your chosen Bachelor's degree program at the BIC Partner Universities you have selected!

For preparation programs in German (PPS FSP) BIC cooperates with the Technical University Berlin. This FSP certificate is recognized by all universities and universities of applied sciences in Germany.

After finishing your respective BIC Preparation Program sucessfully you will be able to study in Germany!

Course Structure

The BIC Studienkolleg consists of regularly 30 classroom hours per week and lasts a total of about 21-26 weeks. At the conclusion of the course, you will be taking the written and oral FSP exams at the TU Berlin as an external test taker.

The curriculum is based on the curriculum of the T-Course at the TU Berlin Studienkolleg. At this link you can also find preparation and study materials, which allow you to get an idea of the difficulty level.

Further BIC Course Elements

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