BIC Prep-Course Maths+

Prep-Course Math+

International students in Germany quit their studies more often than German students. Studies over the last 10 years have shown that one of the German students and almost 75 % of the international students quit their engineering degree programs.

As final modul of all BIC Preparation Programs does the Prep-Course Math+ helps you to be optimally prepared for your studies.

The BIC Prep-Course Math+ consists of:

  1. Mathematics
  2. Scientific practice

The mathematics module is oriented on the first-semester lecturers "Analysis I" and "Linear Algebra" for engineers at the TU Berlin.covers the fundamentals of analysis and linear algebra.

The Scientific practice module covers basic principles of methodology and prepares you linguistically for a technical or similar degree at a German university. These competencies will be presented and put into practice, for example, effective reading comprehension of technical texts, structured presentation of technical material, relevant and convincing discussion, and efficient note-taking during technical lectures, presentations, and discussions, as well as conducting experiments and writing the respective protocol.

Further BIC Course Elements