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BIC offers U.S. students a pathway to a university degree in Germany taught in either German or English

Applying directly to German universities can be overwhelming, and fulfilling all of the prerequisites daunting. BIC offers Preparation Programs ideal for U.S. American applicants, even if you do not qualify for direct application to a German university.

BIC has many advantages for U.S. American students

  • BIC partner universities charge no tuition, and virtually no fees at all, for ALL students regardless of citizenship.
  • Simple, electronic application for BIC and up to 3 partner universities.
  • Preparation Programs catered to your academic background.
  • No previous German language skills required.
  • Programs and placement in degrees taught in English available.
  • Guaranteed place in the BIC Studienkolleg (no entrance exam), if needed.
  • Conditional placement at a partner university upon successful graduation from BIC.
  • Results of the BIC Preparation Program are recognized by all German universities.
  • Great location in Berlin, Germany.
  • Rolling application deadlines--apply to BIC as late as 6 weeks prior to your planned program start.
  • The student visa application is particularly easy for U.S. American applicants. Students do not need to apply before traveling to Germany.

Why Germany?

Studying in Germany is a smart choice for international students. Some of the main advantages are:

Quality education
  • German universities are of international renown, especially in technical subjects.
  • Graduate with a BA, BSc, or BEng.
Save time and money
  • Public universities have free tuition and virtually no fees at all in Germany (fees can total around 50-200 EUR per semester).
  • Living costs are more reasonable than in comparable Western countries.
Competitive Edge in the Job Market
  • If you also want international work experience or an internship after your degree, international students are automatically eligible for a visa after graduation to work or look for work for at least 18 months. With employment, this duration can be extended indefinitely.
  • Many German companies and engineers are industry leaders in engineering and technology, in both Germany and the United States. Think Siemens, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen...
  • Germany has a shortage of technical graduates.
Clean, Safe, and Fun
  • Germany is a safe country for international students of all cultures, and particularly welcoming to Americans.
  • Many tourists are amazed at the cleanliness and reliability of public services and places in Germany.
  • Students enjoy a high quality of life in Germany and have a lot to see, do, and experience.

For these reasons and more, many German cities and Germany as a whole rank consistently among the most popular study abroad destinations in the world.

Application Requirements

BIC simplifies the application for U.S. students. You can apply to up to three partner universities at once, and BIC does not require previous German skills. If you are accepted, your place is guaranteed. BIC offers multiple program tracks to make sure there is a Preparation Program perfect for your academic background, and so that you can start your degree in Germany as soon as possible.

Minimum Academic Qualifications:
  1. High School Diploma with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0
Recommended Qualifications:

Any ONE of the following academic qualifications will waive the Studienkolleg requirement, making you eligible for the shorter and cheaper "PP track" BIC Preparation Program.

  1. SAT with a combined score of at least 1300 on the "Math" and "Critical Reading" sections.
  2. ACT with a total score of at least 29.
  3. AP tests in 4 subjects (including at least 1 math, 1 natural science, and 1 language) passed with at least a score of 3.
  4. AA degree in any subject.
Optional Academic Qualifications:
  1. Previous German courses at any level. Previous German is not required, but would save you time and money in the BIC Preparation Program if you decide for a German-taught degree.
  2. International higher secondary school certificate, such as German Abitur, British A-Levels, or IB. Contact BIC for specific subject requirements. See the anabin database for further details.

Preparation Program Details

Unless you fulfill one of the recommended requirements above, you will need the to complete the BIC Preparation Program Track "PPS," which includes the Studienkolleg. If you do fulfil at least one of the recoomended qualifications, you are eligible for the shorter and cheaper "PP" track, which does not include the Studienkolleg. For more information, including term dates and fees, see the page Programs in Detail.

Use the links below or in the left-hand column to learn more about the individual course elements:

  1. German language instruction
  2. BIC Studienkolleg
  3. Prep-Course Math+
  4. University placement
  5. Tuition
  6. Important semester dates


BIC has rolling deadlines and is always accepting applications. BIC is ready to advise you regarding the next possible enrollment. For all semester dates, see the links in the section above. If you have already applied to a German university, be sure to attach the result to your BIC application--even if you were rejected, this could streamline your application and reduce processing time.

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