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Los estudiantes internacionales pueden trabajar como estudiantes asistentes adicional a sus estudios.

Working while studying at a German university

While you study at a German university, you are allowed to work part-time. Many use this opportunity to work as research assistants and gain some insights into their potential later fields of work. People, who require a visa for their studies in Germany, are also permitted to hold a part-time position. The amount and type of work visa holders are permitted to carry out is regulated by section 16 (3) of the German Residence Act:

"(3) The residence permit entitles the holder to take up employment totalling no more than 120 days or 240 half-days per year and to take up spare-time student employment. This shall not apply in the first year of residence during the stay for the purpose of preparatory measures for a course of study, except during holiday time (...)"  

Employment after you graduate

After graduation, all opportunities are open to graduates. German degrees are internationally recognised, especially degrees in engineering. Therefore, the next step after graduation can be to start working for a German company. However, it is just as possible to seek employment with a business in another country or to begin a postgraduate degree. This is also applicable to non-EU students, whose employment and residency rights are goverend by section 16 (4) of the Gerrman Residence Act:

"(4) After successful completion of the studies, the residence permit may be extended by up to one year for the purpose of seeking a job commensurate with this qualification (...)."