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Costo de vida

El costo de la vida en Alemania es bastante modesto. Sin embargo, varía de una ciudad a otra.

Study in Germany - High quality education at a competitive price

BIC offers one of the most competitive Preparation Programs worldwide. Here you will find an approximate calculation of your total costs for a degree in Germany and a comparison to the UK.

The BIC Advantage
Berlin International CollegePreparation to BachelorPreparation to Master
Duration~1,5 year~1 year
Tuition fees BIC Preparation Program from A115,350 Euro7,890 Euro
Living costs for a year in Berlin+ 9,600 Euro+ 9,600 Euro
Total costs= 24,950 Euro= 17,490 Euro
Degree studies at a German university
Degree Studies at a German UniversityBachelorMaster
Duration3 years1,5 - 2 years
Tuition fee0 EUR (per semester)0 Euro
Administration fee+ 250 Euro (per semester)+ 250 Euro (per semester)
Living costs in university city+ 8,040 Euro (per year)+ 8,040 Euro (per year)
Total cost for university degree= 25,620 Euro= 12,810 - 17,080 Euro
Total cost for BIC + university degree= 50,570 Euro= 30,300 - 37,080 Euro
Total duration4 years2,5 - 3 years

Comparison to the UK

You save up to 64 % or 69,100 Euro if you chose to take a BIC Preparation Program and study in Germany, in comparison to a similar degree program in UK.

Provider: Into HigherBachelorMaster
Foundation Year tuition fees 22,450 Euro16,500 Euro
University tuition fees per year (non-EU-students)+ 17,000 Euro+ 17,000 Euro
Living costs per year+ 11,555 Euro + 11,555 Euro
Total costs for Foundation Year + university degree= 119,670 Euro= 85,165 Euro

Please note that all amounts are estimates!