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Universidad de Ciencias Aplicadas de Westfalia del Sur (Meschede)

Carrears de ingeniería y negocios con alto nivel de contenido práctico y el objetivo de preparar los estudiantes para una carrera en un entorno de trabajo internacional.

En resumen

Campus Meschede, North Rhine-Westphalia
Founded 1959
Students ~ 12,500

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Academic Studies

Location of the South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences in Meschede

A high level of internationalisation is the common denominator between all of the South Westphalia University of Applied Scienes’ campuses. This applies to the student body, the faculty and also the degree programmes. Advantages of the Meschede campus are not only the beautiful landscape and travel connections, for example to the Ruhr region, but also cutting-edge facilities: bright, friendly buildings, and presentation media equipment is available in every lecture hall. And, numerous laboritories make hands-on experience possible. This campus location stands for quality of higher education, something atractive for students from all regions.

Distinguishing factors

Ensuring successful career opportunities for graduates in an increasingly globalised work environment is the declared aim of the South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences. Therefore, all degree programmes are designed with practical relevance in mind. Moreover, all classes are kept small to allow for every student to be supported individually. The international outlook of all studies further contributes to the ideal preparation of students for their later work. In addition to enabling a better incorporation of relevant project work, the close industry relations are also very advantageous for students who seek to gain work experience outside of their regular studies. Through its partnerships, the university is capable of regularly arranging research placements and internships with German and international businesses for its students.

Specialisations of the Meschede Campus

The Meschede campus has close ties with industry. Almost 95% of all degree theses are combined with work experience at a company or business, both local and international. This is because internationalisation plays an important roll in Meschede, and the campus has numerous international partner universities for this reason. Students laud the small learning groups characteristic of the Meschede campus again and again, which makes possible close mentoring from faculty. In winter semester 2013-14, the Meschede campus had about 1,800 full-time students, keeping the campus very personable and manageable. The goal is to remain this way and avoid becoming a large, anonymous university. 

Campus life

The Meschede campus has a personal atmosphere. Advantages of the city include not only reasonable rent costs, but also the wide variety of freetime and sport activities and opportunities around and in the Hennes Sea, as well as in the surrounding Sauerland region. There is also need for qualified workers in the local economy and tourism industry. 

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