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DIPLOMA Universidad de Ciencias Aplicadas de Bad Sooden-Allendorf

Desafiantes carreras de Bachelor y Master en una de las mejores regiones recreativas de Alemania.

En resumen

Campus Bad Sooden-Allendorf, Hessia
Founded 1994
Students 3279


Academic Studies

Location of the Diploma University of Applied Sciences Bad Sooden-Allendorf

The campus is the main location of the Diploma University of Applied Sciences, whose campuses are spread out all over Germany. Particularly noteworthy are its modern teaching facilities and the short distances between all buildings, but also its beautiful location amidst the Werratal. Due to its many therapeutic baths, this region belongs to Germany’s best spa resorts. Further diversions to balance the demands of studying are offered by the castles and other historic buildings and monuments as well as the forests and mountains that can all be explored through daytrips.

Distinguishing factors

The main focus of the Diploma University of Applied Sciences lies on the practical preparation of its students for the tasks they will face during their later career. To this end, class sizes are kept small to allow for the inclusion of as much project work as possible and a close contact between teachers and students. The practical aspect of the degree contents is further increased through internships, which are an integral part of nearly every degree programme. Students profit here especially from the Diploma University of Applied Sciences good and continuously expanding industry relations.

Specialisations of the university

An excellent portfolio of industry contacts, which are made up of and constantly increased by graduates as well as research partners, is the goal of the Diploma University of Applied Sciences. These contacts are often used to arrange internships. However, the main purpose of the always growing number of industry contacts is the assurance of the currentness of the curricula’s contents, e.g. through enabling research collaborations. This guarantees the practical relevance of the degree programmes and thereby the thorough preparation of the students for their later careers.

Campus life

Bad Sooden-Allendorf and the neighboring towns are particularly liked by students due to the generally low living costs. There are many cheap possibilities for going out and several affordable housing options. A lot of students therefore do not live in one of the university’s halls of residence but in flats close to campus. In their spare time, students can choose from plenty of possible out-and indoor activities, which are offered, for example, by the forests and mountains in the directly surrounding area or the modern sporting facilities.

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