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de nuestros cursos intensivos de alemán


Target GroupAnyone learning German and/or preparing for the DSH exam
PrerequisitesGerman language skills at the level of the planned course
Lesson hours30 per week
Certificate examat BIC after each language level
DSH exam preparationafeter C1 course
Application/Registration fee174 EUR

Course fees

A17 weeks1200 EUR
A27 weeks1200 EUR
B18 weeks1300 EUR
B29 weeks1400 EUR
C19 weeks1400 EUR
DSH exam preparation6 weeks 1 day each350 EUR (incl. exam)

Dates and Deadlines

The dates of the BIC German courses including DSH exam preparation are scheduled based on semester dates of German universities. The registration deadline is always 4 weeks prior to the course's start. Entry into running courses on short term notice is always if the respective language requirements are met. 

Since most German universities require language certification of C1 or better, intensive exam preparation for the DSH exam takes place during the C1 course. Additional courses and exams can be arranged if there is sufficient demand.

German courses 2018

B1.202. Jan 201802. Feb 2018
A115. Jan 201802. Mär 2018
B205. Feb 201806. Apr 2018
A2.105. Mar 201823. Mar 2018
A2.209. Apr 201804. May 2018
C109. Apr 201808. Jun 2018
B107. May 201829. Jun 2018
B2.102. Jul 201813. Jul 2018
A123. Jul 201807. Sep 2018
B2.230. Jul 201814. Sep 2018
A127. Aug 201805. Oct 2018
A210. Sep 201826. Oct 2018
C117. Sep 201816. Nov 2018
B129. Oct 201821. Dec 2018

German courses 2019

B202. Jan 201901. Mar 2019
A114. Jan 201901. Mar 2019
A204. Mar 201918. Apr 2019
C111. Mar 201910. May 2019
B129. Apr 201921. Jun 2019
B2 (part 1)24. Jun 201919. Jul 2019
A115. Jul 201930. Aug 2019
B2 (part 2)05. Aug 201906. Sep 2019
A2 (part 1)02. Sep 201902. Oct 2019
C1 (part 1)09. Sep 201927. Sep 2019
C1 (part 2)07. Oct 201915. Nov 2019
A2 (part 2)14. Oct 201925. Oct 2019
B104. Nov 201920. Dec 2019

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