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Acceso rápido a estudios universitarios en Alemania para un título técnico o económico con TestAS.

TestAS is a central standardized scholastic aptitude test you can take all over the world in one of more than 280 TestAS centers. Passing this test with a sufficient amount of points will enable you to directly study in Germany via our BIC Preparation Program.

TestAS can be taken in German or English - you should have a B2 language proficiency in the chosen language.

Participants get their test results approx. 4 weeks after they have taken the test. Since you can take the test in your home country, you don't have to travel to Germany to take the test, but know already at home, if you are enabled to study in Germany or not.

If you have already taken the test and received your results, you can apply at BIC with the TestAS result. Then you receive a conditional offer letter of one of our German partner universities. With this you can apply for a German visa for study preparation.