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M.Eng. Electrotécnica

Un Master de electrotécnica en alemán abierto para graduados de programas de Bachelor relacionados
  • Perfil de la universidad:
     Universidad de Ciencias Aplicadas de Westfalia del Sur (Meschede)
  • Página web de la carrera universitaria:
  • Campos:
     Ingienería, Tecnologías de la comunicación (IT)
  • Lengua de introducción:
  • Inicio en la universidad:
     Semestre de invierno
  • Duration

    BIC Preparation Program: 4 months to 1 year
    Master's degree programme: 1.5 to 2 years
    Total: 1.9 to 3 years for a Master

  • Requisitos académicos:

    German as well as international students are elgible to complete this degree in four-semesters if they have a bachelor's degree in

    • Electronic Engineering
    • Information and Communication Technology
    • Industrial Engineering
    • International Management with Engineering

    on the Maschede campus, or a comparable degree with similar content at another university, with at least 180 credits of coursework. The Bachelor degree must have been completed with a minimum grade average of 2,7 (when converted to the German grading system).

    Students can apply for this Master degree as a three-semester study program if one of the specified degrees has been completed with 210 credits of coursework as well as a work-related project worth 24 credits. The work-related project must be relevant to the subject area Information and Communication Systems with Management.


    As of 6 December 2013


    Research in the on-campus center BBCC.NRW, which focuses on broadband telecommunications in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, as well as contact with industry and public policymakers, show that there is a great need in the labor market for qualified graduates competent in:

    • technical, 
    • business and economic
    • and the legal 

    aspects of broadband telecommunications and information technology.

    For this reason, the IW faculty on the Maschede campus launched the Master of Electrical Engineering degree program. Graduates of this degree could also pursue post-graduate studies.  

    Mandatory courses
    • Business Aspects of IT and TC
    • Radio Systems for Broadband Communication
    • IT Systems and Project Management
    • Applications of IT and TC
    • Advanced Seminar Information and Communication Systems Technology
    • Advanced Seminar Legal, Business, and Economic Aspects of IT and TC
    • Wired Broadband Telecommunications Systems
    • Legal Aspects of IT and TC
    • Economic Aspects of IT and TC

    If the degree is completed in four semesters, the following course is also mandatory:

    • Advanced Seminar Implementation and Operation of Information and Communication Systems
    General electives
    • Systems Engineering and Electronic Media
    • Special Information and Communication Systems
    • Special Applications of IT and TC
    Electives from elegible bachelor's level courses
    • Audiovisual Communication Systems
    • Database Systems 2
    • E-Learning
    • Local Radio Networks
    • Microwave Technology
    • Mobile Communication Transmission Technology
    • Special Topics in IT
    • Special Topics in Communications Engineering
    Modules to make up entry requirements
    • Applications of IT
    • Database Systems 1
    • Radio Systems
    • Fundamentals of Communication Engineering
    • Communication Networks 1
    • Communication Networks 2