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B.Eng. Ingeniería Biomédica

Un Bachelor de ingeniería biomédicaen alemán para todos los estudiantes interesados


Medical science as a multidisciplinary field

Biology, physics, chemistry, computer sciences, and genetics are the basis for new interdisciplinary developments and progress in medical science, for example, in intelligent data analysis as well as the continued and new development of imaging methods or high-tech equipment such as ultrasonic, X-ray and other analysis systems. Inventive materials for implants as well as innovative genetic technologies and bio-microsystems technology play a major role in medical therapy and the further development of molecular diagnostics. All in all, these are complex systems, which require both scientific knowledge and an interdisciplinary understanding in particular.

The degree course

The study program imparts fundamentals of natural sciences with an interdisciplinary approach and directly relates them to the application. Practical modules, a practical semester and project work prepare the students for their professional life, for example in the development, construction and programming of appliances or in health care management.

Major fields of study: 
  • Computer Sciences
  • Medical Engineering
  • Diagnostics
  • Medical Technology Management
Career prospects

After earning the bachelor degree, various professional possibilities present themselves, for example, in medical engineering companies, hospitals, scientific institutions as well as research and development departments in fields such as quality management, sales and consulting or technical services in enterprises. Authorities working in the field of medical device monitoring and occupational safety or biotech companies and contract laboratories as well as software companies with a biomedical orientation are other typical branches.