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B.Eng. Diseño de Materiales - Biónica y Fotónica

Un Bachelor de diseño de materiales en alemán para todos los estudiantes interesados


Creative ways of designing the future

Nature offers a veritable treasure trove of optimally functioning systems. Uncovering these assets, which means taking nature as a model, understanding its functionalities and incorporating them in new technical materials and products, this is the core of the still rather young discipline of bionics. Chemistry, physics and biology thereby provide the natural science foundations. Combined with engineering courses, such as technical mathematics, mechanics as well as construction technology and electrical engineering, and in combination with the key disciplines of materials science, optics and lighting technology as well as design, a unique study course arises. Due to its interdisciplinary approach, it offers a very broad spectrum in the development of new materials for products and technologies of tomorrow's industries.

The degree course

The broad knowledge base acquired in the "Material Design - Bionics and Photonics" study path enables science-oriented engineers to contribute to the development of future innovations and the improvement of existing solutions. The study program imparts fundamentals of natural sciences with an interdisciplinary approach and directly relates them to the application. Practical modules, a practical semester and project work prepare the students for their professional life.

Major fields of study:
  • Lightweigth Constructions
  • Photonics
Career Prospects

The possible spectrum is broad and includes, for example, product and project management, design, production, as well as sales and distribution. Typical branches are the lighting industry, materials development, industrial and consumer electronics, machinery and plant engineering, automotive and aerospace industry, nano- and microstructure technology or medical engineering.