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B.Eng. Diseño de Sistemas Inteligentes

Un Bachelor de diseño de sistemas inteligentes para todos los estudiantes interesados en alemán y módulos en inglés en semestres avanzados tambien.
  • Perfil de la universidad:
     Universidad de Ciencias Aplicadas de Hamm-Lippstadt
  • Página web de la carrera universitaria:
  • Campos:
     Ingienería, Tecnologías de la comunicación (IT), Negocios
  • Lengua de introducción:
     Alemán y Inglés
  • Inicio en la universidad:
     Semestre de invierno
  • Duration of study

    BIC Preparation Program: 4 months to 1.5 years
    Bachelor Program: 3.5 years
    In total: 3.9 to 5 years for a Bachelor

    Campus: Hamm

  • Curso:
     Curso technico (T-Kurs)
  • Requisitos académicos:

    This German-taught Bachelor degree program in Intelligent Systems Design is open to all prospective students who fulfil the academic entry requirements of the German higher education system. Alternatively, students may qualify for this degree programme based on their TestAS results.


Communicating online all day long and everywhere, operating devices contact-free, closing the shutters at home via App while I’m on tour, checking the content of the fridge online, securing the parking space and the turbo charging station for my electric car outside the 3D cinema thanks to valet parking, and, in the evening when entering my pleasantly conditioned loft, soft light welcomes me and the food ordered online during the day already waits for me inside a cooling box.

Besides imagination and vision, the time factor plays an important role in the further development of new intelligent systems and their integration into the environment. In other words, speed to get products and applications ready for the market. In this process, algorithms are the basis, programming, simulation processes, modelling, prototyping, and design are the tools. All of these are important aspects in the degree programme Intelligent Systems Design.

Intelligent and International Business

In the first three semesters, the bachelor degree course "Intelligent Systems Design" imparts a broad interdisciplinary knowledge base. During this stage of orientation, you get to know different aspects of engineering sciences, and you lay the foundation for your subsequent specialist orientation. Additionally, you attend lectures and seminars in the English-language module "Corporate Management" as from the first semester. On the one hand, this serves to prepare you for the courses in advanced semesters, which are to an increasing extent held in English. On the other hand, you are provided with the skills required to start your own business. That way, you are during your studies prepared for an international deployment in a company and possible negotiations with foreign investors.

Beginning with the fourth semester, you start to increasing specialise in the study focus of your degree course: System Simulation, Embedded Systems or Mobile Computing. The fifth semester is intended as a practical semester or a semester abroad. This term allows you to collaborate in real projects at an early stage of your studies and get to know the tasks you will be involved in as future engineers.