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B.Eng. Ingenería Civil

Un Bachelor de Ingenería en Ingenería Civil en alemán


    Civil Engineering includes planning, calculating, constructing and overseeing engineered structures both above and below the ground. The Bachelor’s degree course leads to a primary degree conferring a professional qualification as a Civil Engineer, which entitles the holder to take on leadership positions in the construction industry and building trade and to gain further academic qualifications.

    The course of studies builds sound expertise in the areas of specific relevance to construction professions as well as the ability to work independently in accordance with scientific methods.

    Degree course content:


    Effective: 29th of January 2016

    The bachelor's program consist of 6 theoretical semesters and one practical semester in the shape of a 20-weeks industry placement full-time employment in the 5th semester. The bachelor thesis will be written in the last 8 weeks of the 7th semester. The program is modulary structured. Each modul has a maximum length of 2 semesters.

    1st Year
    1. and 2. Semester
    • Structural design
    • Mathematics
    • Structural physics
    • Building material studies
    • Chemistry of building
    • Statics
    • Construction informatics
    • Descriptive geometry
    • Surveying
    • Construction business
    • Construction industry
    • Engineering geology
    • Hydromechanics
    2nd to 4th Year
    3. to 7. Semester
    • Statics
    • Geotechnics
    • Steel structures
    • Reinforced concrete structures
    • Building renovation
    • Wood structures
    • Construction informatics
    • FEM
    • Construction business
    • Construction industry
    • Hydraulic engineerig
    • Water management
    • Pre-stressed concrete structures
    • Traffic engineering
    • Building services engineering
    • Project studies in construction management or constructive engineering
    • English
    • Free-choice subjects from the fields of building restoration, construction business, and project management in traffic, geotechnical and foundation engineering

    For further information we refer to the study and examination regulations (in German)