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B.A. Arquitectura

Un Bachelor de Artes en Arquitectura en alemán
  • Perfil de la universidad:
     Jade Universidad de Ciencias Aplicadas de Wilhelmshaven / Oldenburgo / Elsfleth
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  • Inicio en la universidad:
     Semestre de invierno
  • Duration of studies

    BIC Preparation Program: 4 months to 1.5 years
    Bachelor program: 3 years
    In total: 3.3 to 4.5 years for a Bachelor 

  • Curso:
     Curso technico (T-Kurs)
  • Requisitos académicos:

    The German-taught Bachelor in Architecture is open to all prospective students, who fulfil the academic entry requirements of the German higher education system.

    This specific degree also requires the completion of a pre-study internship in a main construction trade (e.g. in a construction company or a carpentry firm). At least six weeks of this internship have to have been completed previous to beginning of the degree programme. The remaining weeks have to have been undertaken by the end of the third semester of studies.


    Degree structure

    The Bachelor studies are split into three parts. The first two semesters serve as foundational semesters and are taught in classes that have a maximum size of 25 students, who all belong to the same semester. As of the third semester, students can freely choose, which of the parallel running classes to attend. With the beginning of the fifth semester, the modules gain a more complex project character, due to the increasing integration of different areas of study.

    Module System

    The Bachelor degree programme is based upon a module system. Modules such as design, urban development and construction as well as the interdisciplinary projects take place as project work. The course of studies is organised into the following groups of modules:

    • Design
    • Urban Development
    • Construction and Engineering
    • Theory of Architecture
    • Presentation and Design
    • Planning and Construction Management
    • Mandatory elective
    • Bachelor thesis

    Aside from the technical competencies and methodical knowledge, the "soft skills", e.g. communication skills, teamwork abilities and the ability to handle criticism, which are essential to the work of an architect, are simultaneously acquired through the projects. Thus, communication, teamwork and presentations within the project group are integral elements of the instruction. 


    As of 07th December 2018