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Natural Sciences

Science is a field of study that encompasses subjects that range from astronomy and mathematics to nutrition science and physics.
Scientists play vital roles in improving everyone's lives and are not necessarily always found in areas of work one would generally suspect them to be in.
Degrees offered after a BIC Preparation Program
Degree contents

Science subjects address all matters related to the natural world by trying to analyze and explain them. In particular in the applied sciences, e.g. physics or biochemistry, the understanding gained from this is then used to find solutions to relevant issues. This may be the development of energy efficient technologies or a cure to an illness. Most science students focus their studies on a particular area, for example, the previously mentioned energy and biomedical sectors or another one, e.g. teaching, which will determine the additional modules their respective degrees contain.

Possible fields of work and further study opportunities

Through choosing an area to focus on, most student already choose their career direction. The completion of relevant internships strengthens these decision, especially as many of these internships can lead to later job offers or the development of a doctoral thesis.

Career chances

The largest sectors that employ scientists are the medical/pharmaceutical industry and the food industry. However, while it is often assumed that science graduates only have a choice between either going into research or teaching, there are also many employers from other industries that value the skill set of scientists. Consequently, there are also career opportunities in businesses that may not necessarily operate in areas directly related to someone's actual degree. An example for this would be IT businesses or financial institutions, which often employ mathematicians. Governmental organizations also employ scientists as consultants and experts.

BIC Preparation Program to Bachelor

Chemnitz University of Technology
Jade University of Applied Sciences Wilhelmshaven / Oldenburg / Elsfleth
University of Stuttgart