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B.Sc. Chemistry and Bioengineering

A B.Sc. in Chemistry and Bioengineering taught in German for all prospective students
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     University of Stuttgart
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     Winter Semester
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    This German-taught Bachelor program in Chemistry and Bioengineering is open to all students who fulfil the academic entry requirments of the German higher education system.

    Students have to take a 8-week internship before enrollment. The internship should be done in a relevant industrial company, analytical lab or process engineering orientated trade.


    Do your talents and interests lie in the fields of biology, chemistry, and physics? Do you enjoy working on mathematics and engineering science problems? As a chemistry- or bioengineer, you will be the brains behind things: you understand the process, analyze the problem and finds the solution.

    And then in interdisciplinary teams you will lay out the most efficient solution. The world around us is changing with breathtaking speed. It confronts us with ever bigger and more complex tasks. Chemistry and bioengineering science (CBIW) is a key discipline for meeting the great challenges of our time in the fields of energy, food, medicine, mobility and the environment.