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B.Eng. Water Management

A German-taught Bachelor in Water Management open to all prospective students


    The programme objective is to acquire expertise in the field of water management and the capability to acquire further knowledge independently with the aid of scientific methods. A further objective is to master the varied demands of professional life in applied practice, research or teaching, and to apply the rules of engineering confidently in order to deal effectively with the frequently changing tasks that will arise later in the working world.

    Our water bodies are used for water supply, energy generation, irrigation, navigation, as discharge systems for purified effluents as well as for purposes of leisure and recreation. Even on a regional level, global water scarcity obliges us to manage the resource both in terms of quantity and quality. In areas of intense land use, technological, ecological and process-based demands emerge which have economic consequences and require a legal framework. An integrated approach from the viewpoints of ecological, technological, process engineering and structural aspects gives rise to new results and findings. Natural and technically optimised processes and procedures dominate the structural design and, in relation to the residues generated, bring about a closer interdependency with closed-cycle management.

    Degree Course Content

    Effective: 03th February 2016

    Extract of the regular curriculum
    • Mathematics
    • Computing/CAD
    • Physics
    • Hydrochemistry/waste chemistry
    • Hydrobiology
    • Ecology
    • Geology/soil science
    • Constructional fundamentals
    • Technical mechanics
    • Foreign languages
    • Building materials/structural methods
    • Soil mechanics/foundation engineering
    • Preparation and completion of construction
    • Surveying technology
    • Hydrology
    • Hydromechanics
    • Process engineering
    • Biotechnology
    • Water supply
    • Wastewater engineering
    • Hydraulic engineering
    • Waste management
    • Process management
    • Law/environmental law
    • Area planning/country planning
    • Economics and business administration
    • Water body ecology
    • Water body protection

    A 12-week internship is part of the curriculum.

    For further information please see the study an examination regulations (in German).