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M.Eng. Energy Management and Engineering

A German-taught Master's degree for graduates of relevant Bachlor programs
  • University profile:
     Nuremberg Institute of Technology
  • Website degree program:
  • Discipline areas:
     Engineering, Business
  • Language of instruction:
  • Start at university:
     Winter Semester, Summer Semester
  • Duration

    BIC Preparation Program: 4 months to 1 year
    Master program: 1.5 Years
    Total: 1.9 to 2.5 years for the Master

  • Academic requirements:

    This German-taught Master's degree program in Energie Management and Engineering is designed for both German as well as international graduates of relevant Bachelor programs with average GPAs of at least 3.0.


    As of April 10th 2017

    Source: Course description M.Eng. Energy Management and Engineering

    Core Modules
    • Energie Markets: Markets and Trade
    • Energie Markets: Marketing Energie and International Energy Management
    • Management Skills: Project Management as Leadership Instrument
    • Management Skills: Personnel Management and Business Organisation
    • Energy Law: Business Law
    • Energy Law: Labor Law
    • Energy Law: Licensur of Energy Facilities
    Team-Oriented project work
    • Research and Team-Oriented Project I: Topics in Energy Engineering and Economy
    • Research and Team-Oriented Project II: Topics in Energy Engineering and Economy
    Students choose 5 from the following modules
    Profile modules 1
    • Central Energy Production: Modern Power Plant Concepts
    • Central Energy Production: Facility Internship
    • Decentralised Energy Production
    • Electricity Facilities and Networks: Simulation of Electricity Supply Networks
    • Electricity Facilities and Networks: Electrical Power Supply
    • Dependable Business Management: Business and Maintenance Strategy
    • Dependable Business Management: Reliability Engineering
    • Facility project Planning
    • Facility Components: Construction Materials and Thermotechnical Devices
    • Facility Components: Turbines and Motors
    • Automotive Engineering: Control Technology
    • Automation Engineering: Smart Grids and Virtual Power Stations
    • Environmental Engineering: Exhaust
    • Environmental Engineering: Energy Extraction and Ecological Consequences, Environmental Sustainability
    • Biogenic Energy Sources: Generation and Preparation of Biomass
    • Renewable Energy Production I: Energy from Waste
    • Renewable Energy Production I: Biogas Facilities
    Students choose 3 from the following modulesStudents choose 3 from the following modules
    Profile modules 2
    • Hydrogen Energy Economy
    • Renewable Energy Production II: Geothermal, Wind, Water
    • Renewable Energy Production II: Solar Panels
    • Simulation Engineering: Current Simulation
    • Simulation Engineering: Simulation of Energy Processes
    • Nuclear Technology: Nuclear Power Plants
    • Nuclear Technology: Power Station Operation and Radtation Safety
    • International Energy Products: International Finance and Management Models
    • International Energy Products: Rating Technology/ Global Engineering
    • Chemical Energy Conversion