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Knowledge of business and management practices is a basic requirement for nearly every successful career in any industry. Consequently, the specialisation and work opportunities for business graduates are almost endless.
Strategy planing, finances, personnel management, public relations or product development - all these topics and more are covered by a business degree
Degrees offered after a BIC Preparation Program
Degree contents

The foundation of every business degree are courses on business and management practices that enable students to understand and analyze the internal structure of any enterprise and how the business interacts with its environment. This includes finance courses, which explain methods of budgeting and cost analysis, as well as ones on personnel management and marketing. Additional to these foundational courses, business students can then choose to focus on certain areas by selecting specific courses. Examples of possible areas of concentration are business or strategic management, logistics, controlling or tourism. New areas of specialization and course options that relate to them are constantly being developed in line with the trends of the global economy.

Possible fields of work

The choice of a specialization does not limit the later career options. The benefit of the generalist education that lies at the core of every under- and postgraduate business degree is that it allows graduates to freely choose and adjust to new trends irrelevant of the area on which they focused during their studies.

Career chances

The ability to adjust to any type of business is also a quality sought by employers from all industries, wherefore business graduates can be found working as an employee or freelance for a company or institution of any size and in any industry sector.

Become a German businessman!

The BIC Preparation College is your ticket to a German business degree. BIC Preparation Programs prepare and qualify international students for:

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA)
  • Bachelor of Engineering (BEng)
  • Bachelor of Science (BSc)
  • Master of Engineering (MEng)
  • Master of Science (MSc)

BIC Preparation Program to Bachelor

DIPLOMA University of Applied Sciences Bad Sooden-Allendorf
Jade University of Applied Sciences Wilhelmshaven / Oldenburg / Elsfleth
Kiel University of Applied Sciences
KLU - Kühne Logistics University
Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences
South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences (Soest)
University of Applied Sciences Hamm-Lippstadt
University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt

BIC Preparation Program to Master

Jade University of Applied Sciences Wilhelmshaven / Oldenburg / Elsfleth
Nuremberg Institute of Technology