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Architects do not just build houses; they create visions of how space can be used.
An architect is responsible for every aspect of the building process - from the initial idea to inspecting the finished building
Degrees offered after a BIC Preparation Program
Degree contents

Undergraduate level architecture studies contain modules on physics, chemistry, geometrics and statics amongst other scientific subjects. Parallel to this, the creative aspect of the degree program will be covered through practical and theoretical design and art classes, e.g. landscape design, developing blueprints or construction and art history. Computer science is also an increasingly large part of studying architecture, as most work is done nowadays with computer aided design software. Equally, energy efficient building and other related topics will be included in any architecture degree. The extent to which it is possible to specialize on either of these areas depends on the personal choice of courses and the university that offers the degree program. Hereon it also depends, how many business modules, e.g. on subjects such as budgeting, costing or general project management, are covered by an undergraduate degree.

Career chances and further study opportunities

Through postgraduate studies, students can specialize themselves in particular fields. After graduation, most students either choose between working for larger businesses, where they are responsible for one aspect of the design process, e.g. statics or interior design, or small to medium sized enterprises, where they are more likely to be involved in the entire building process. Other options are careers as consultants or evaluators for all kinds of building projects, ranging from general purpose houses, medical facilities or bridges to theatrical stages.

BIC Preparation Program to Bachelor

Jade University of Applied Sciences Wilhelmshaven / Oldenburg / Elsfleth
Kiel University of Applied Sciences
Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences

BIC Preparation Program to Master

Jade University of Applied Sciences Wilhelmshaven / Oldenburg / Elsfleth
Kiel University of Applied Sciences