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BIC Intro

Dear prospective students,

Karl Benz, Robert Bosch, Gottlieb Daimler, Ferdinand Porsche, Werner Siemens … The list of inventors, who founded the worldwide prestige the German art of engineering enjoys, is long. To this day, the German industry’s success depends upon creativity, innovation and technical skills.

Consequently, the education of engineers is very important in Germany. No other occupation offers comparable entry, salary and development opportunities. Therefore, it is worthwhile for students to study engineering, also and especially for interested people from abroad, since tuition fees practically do not exist in Germany. Major German businesses operate globally. Thus, one can work here or abroad. Moreover, due to the emerging skill shortages, the entry chances are increasing.

But how does one go about it? To take a plunge can be thrilling. However, it is more sensible to begin the journey with competent partners. BIC gives you the know-how to successfully study in Germany and is located at a European hotspot – Berlin. What is best: the place at university is guaranteed.

We would be pleased, if reading this brochure motivates you to contact us for a personal consultation. Berlin awaits you!